Better Insights for your Events 🔥

One of the most anticipated updates is finally here! Revamped insights that give you more data on your events than ever before.

Take a look…

Here's what's new from a high level

  • New registration graph to visualize registrations leading up to your sessions
  • Improved attendance summary graph that's more accurate and even tracks your attendees' focus in the browser tab
  • Reporting and export functionality on your shared resources (polls, handouts, and featured actions)
  • Additional data added to the People table (Attendance minutes and Focus %) You can find your new Insights, within the Activity tab of any event overview.

Note: Our new insights will work retroactively with any of your existing past sessions, but certain data (such as Resource data and Focus %) will only be shown on sessions run in the future following this update.

Mark and answer Questions from attendees

With our new Questions feature, you and your admins will be better equipped to tackle questions that are asked on your sessions. You'll have the option to:

  1. Mark a message as a question that's shared between Admins
  2. Filter the chat to view only questions
  3. Choose one of your questions to Answer Live, which will feature the question on your presentation


Note: Only Admins will have the ability to mark messages as Questions.

Microsoft Edge Support for Admins

With the new Microsoft Edge update to v79, Demio now supports all admins in Microsoft Edge. This includes Moderators, Presenters, and Hosts.

You can learn more about the new version of Microsoft Edge here:

Webcam resolution support for 16:9 widescreen ratio

Webcams are now completely supported with 16:9 ratio, so your single-webcam recordings will no longer be cropped. The video will fill up the full frame.

Screen sharing support in Safari

With this update, Presenters can now share their entire screen in Safari v13.0 or higher. Individual window sharing is still not supported at this time.

Dedicated group chat for event admins

We've added back a central place for you to communicate with your event admins during a session. Within the Chat tab inside of the room, you'll now see a new sub-tab labeled Admin.

By default, all Hosts, Presenters, and Moderators will have access to this tab, but attendees will not.

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 4.24.57 PM.png

Automated Event Streaming Improvements

Your audience will now have an easier time loading your automated presentations, even on slower internet connections. These tech improvements are happening behind the scenes, so you won't see anything new, and neither will your audience.

Introducing the Series event type

With a Series, you can keep people registered across a group of live, scheduled sessions.

This series functionality isn't new, but the added event type will make it easier to stay organized.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 2.06.19 PM.png

Any of your existing Live events with Series mode enabled have been automatically converted into Series events.

All other previously created Live events will be labeled as Standard events.

Auto-hide controls in the room to increase content visibility

When something visual is being shared, all buttons and widgets within the content area of the room will now hide automatically with mouse inactivity in order to make sure all content is visible.


Drive more engagement with these chat & resource improvements

We made some helpful improvements in the room that should drive more engagement on your events!

Watch this video below for a quick overview:

Here's what's new…

  • Visual improvements to the chat area
  • Performance & speed enhancements
  • A better way to create & manage resources
  • Reimagined featured actions that stay pinned to the bottom of the room
  • Better organization for Polls and Handouts
  • Improved Emoji Reactions
  • Ability to privately mention someone in a public chat
  • …And more!