A better way to manage People πŸ‘€

If you jump into any of your events, you might've noticed a brand new Activity tab. We want this to become the central hub from where you'll be able to view activity across that specific event.

We're starting with ​the People area β€” you can track & manage people right from within your event as they register, attend, and miss your sessions.


We put together a detailed blog post going over the new update, as well as outlining how this sets the foundation for things to come.

P.S. Keep an eye out for the next additions to the Activity area that we're planning to launch over the coming months!

A more intuitive event room for a more intuitive experience! πŸ–₯

We made some improvements to our Event Room that should make running webinars on Demio even easier, especially for any first-time presenters.

We wanted to make everything easier to access and understand!

Here's a quick list of things that have changed:

  • the Start/End Session button is located in the top-left for easy access
  • the microphone/webcam controls now sit at the center of your screen
  • an easy-access sharing options menu allows you to quickly start sharing any slide/video materials, or use the direct screen share options
  • a dedicated Manage People area allows you to quickly view/search/manage any Attendees and fellow Event Admins


P.S. We've also put together a quick 2-minute video to show you around if you'd like:

Complete Safari/Edge Support! πŸ™Œ

Back in January, we announced Safari/Edge support as a beta feature. There was just one major caveat: there would be a 15-second delay for any attendees in either of those browsers.

After a lot of work on our end and some important updates from Apple & Microsoft, we're proud to announce:

Attendees can now join your webinars in Safari & Edge (or any other major browser) without any delay, both from desktop and mobile. πŸŽ‰

Moderators and Presenters will also be able to join in Safari via laptop or desktop computer.

Lastly, your attendees can now join right within other applications' built-in browsers. With a single click from popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc, your registrants will be logged into the room, engaging & interacting within seconds.

What this means for you:

  1. We have removed the Beta toggle for additional browser support. All of your events will have this update automatically, and it's no longer an optional setting.
  2. We'll be discontinuing our mobile app on iOS. Since all attendees can join in the browser now on mobile, there's no need for anyone to download a mobile app. This will allow us to put more time and focus into other areas of our product.

Coming Soon

In the near future, we'll be releasing screen sharing support in Safari for Presenters. Right now, presenters will not have the ability to share their screen in Safari.

Easily grab an event's registration link

We made a minor improvement to upcoming sessions on your dashboard. From the drop down menu, you'll now have an option to 1-click copy the registration page URL for that event.


Note: This feature only exists for single sessions right now, but we'll be adding it to recurring session blocks in the near future.

Improving the Presenter Experience πŸ’―

We've just revamped our Event Gateway/Settings modalβ€”this is the modal that any presenters will see when they first join an event or when adjusting their room settings.


Here's a quick breakdown of the major changes:

1. The connectivity test has been improved to more accurately determine your connection to Demio's streaming servers. It should give any presenters an improved reading on their ability to stream.

We've also expanded the test to include additional details related to your audio/video streaming capabilities.

2. The new gateway will allow presenters to select and enable their preferred devices prior to joining the room.

Any devices that are toggled ON will be enabled when they enter the room to streamline the experience.

3. The new gateway will automatically detect when a presenter doesn't have the correct browser permissions enabled.

In these situations, we'll prompt the presenter to enable the required permissions to allow for a smooth presentation experience.

The new gateway modal will automatically be shown to any presenters upon joining an event with the new settings modal being shown to all users (presenters, moderators, and attendees).

Our new Inbox Action makes joining events even easier πŸ™Œ

Our (already awesome) email notifications just got a small quality-of-life update that'll make joining events even more seamless.

Any Gmail users will find a newly-minted Join action among the quick actions available to them. Joining an event directly from your inbox has never been easier!

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 08.26.33.png

Update: Notification Email Redesign

πŸ‘†In case you missed it, check out last month's update where we completely revamped and redesigned our notification emails.

Updates to the Event Preferences

Our team just released a small rework to of the event preferences that should improve your ability to customize your event!

1. We've consolidated a few different settings into a central Room block.

In this new block, you'll find your core settings (chat preference, post-session redirect, additional browser support) and options to manage Presentation Materials and Resources.

Think of it as a central area to manage everything related to what goes on in the event room! new-block-preferences-01-list-new.png

2. The Chat Preference now defaults to Public for new events (any existing events will keep their current settings intact).

We believe that a vibrant and engaging chat makes for a better Attendee experience, so we didn't want any of our users to miss out.

Of course, you'll still have the option to switch these preferences before the event (or even during the event directly in the webinar room). new-block-preferences-02-chat-new.png Keep an eye out for some awesome updates coming later this year around our chat!

More minor changes:

3. We've re-ordered the blocks in a small way that makes more sense.

4. The Admin Team block has been renamed to Presenters & Moderators to better describe the different event admin roles you'll be able to bring on (and to avoid any confusion with account-wide Sub-Users).

Out with the old, in with the new! πŸ“© (Bonus: Replay Emails)

Email Notifications

When our team took a look at our old email notifications, we realized that we strived to be extremely detailed and cover a lot of ground, but swung too far in that direction resulting in an email that was often confusing (especially when it came to our translations) and bloated.

Our new emails change that! We're handing the reigns back over to you, our user.

We've redesigned our new emails to be a great balance between simple and functional. We'll include the core details (event name, date, join link), then loop in your branding, adding in any custom messages you've set, and send it!


(They're designed to work great with any and all brands!)

Replay Emails

Alongside our new email notification designs, our team is finally bringing back our automatic Replay Emails.

You'll be able to enable these to be sent to a specified segment (All Registrants, Attendees, No Shows) following any live sessions.

Jump into the Email Notifications block to get started with both!


Native Safari/Edge Support Is Finally Here! 🎁

We wanted to start the year right by bringing a highly-requested, core foundational item: native Safari and Edge support.

​For both our desktop and mobile/iOS experiences, Attendees will be able to join directly from within their browser.

The option to enable these browsers will be introduced today under Beta for all users. You'll be able to toggle the option directly from your Event Preferences on a per-event basis.


Enabling Additional Browser support will open up Attendee sessions, allowing them to join directly from these browsers on both desktop and mobile.

Keeping it disabled will continue to redirect Attendees to the current screen, redirecting them to actions that would allow them to attend: using an alternative browser (via desktop) or joining through the Demio Viewer app (via mobile).

Check our full update for more details!

Our Registration & Replay pages just got a makeover!

We've always strived to make the entire experience of attending webinars an elegant one, and for so many, that experience starts from the moment they arrive on the registration page.

Our old pages worked well for what they were meant to do (capture registrations, host replay recordings), but they were lacking when it came to the elegance factor.

We wanted to change that!

So with that goal in mind, our team went to work to give it a makeover. We're pleased to introduce our new Registration & Replay Editor!


This new update will rehaul the entire experience, bringing you:

  • Powerful live editor that adapts as changes are made
  • Flexible templates to choose from
  • Modular library of elements to build the page to your choosing
  • Complete social sharing customization options
  • A consistent experience across the Registration/Replay pages
  • The ability to disable the Replay
  • And more!

To read more changes, dive into our full update!

✨BONUS: We've also updated our embed codes for our international languages, so any non-English users will be able to use our new embed options too!