Manage Registration Area 📋

We've created a simple area for people to:

  • Add their upcoming session to any calendar
  • Grab their join link
  • Enable/disable reminder notifications
  • Cancel Registration


Prior to this update, we only supported Google Calendar from our confirmation & reminder emails. Now, registrants & admins alike can add the upcoming session to any major calendar in a couple clicks.

Event-level Language Setting 🗣️

With this update, you now have the ability to set a different language for each event within your account. The language setting can be found in the General block of the Customize area.

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 2.40.09 PM.png

When a new event is created, it will still use your default language preference within your account settings.

Manage your sessions from the new Event Summary Table

We just launched a better way to manage sessions from within your events. With our new changes, you'll be able to:

  1. Quickly view & compare all sessions for that event.
  2. View a more accurate schedule for that event.
  3. Access key information quickly (e.g., session stats, event admins, recording details, etc.)
  4. Easily reschedule/cancel any specific session, particularly those that are part of any recurring schedules.


Bonus: If you're a current Demio user, you can jump directly into your account, access one of your existing events, and get a full tour of the update.

Improved Registration Form Designs

We just released an update to our registration forms that will add clarity and reduce friction for any potential registrants. Our new forms will:

  • move the Agree to receive notifications mandatory opt-in to a short notice below the Submit button
  • if more than one session exists, we won't select the next session by default (encouraging registrants to choose the best time that works for them)
  • add validation helper text to all applicable fields (e.g., Please enter a valid email. for the email field)
  • continue to display the form labels when a form field is filled/being filled
  • add clear labels on any Optional fields


ℹ️Note: All of our form improvements will also be applied any styled embed options.

Attended/Missed Accuracy for People

We've made some notable improvements around how people are marked as Attended/Missed within the Activity area of your events.

Prior to this update, any registrant who landed in the waiting room or loaded the login screen would be marked as Attended. We've changed this to be more accurate by only marking people as Attended when they've actually logged into the Session, otherwise they will be marked as Missed.

It's been updated for On-demand sessions as well; registrants will only be counted as Attended when they login.

This update affects People, Insights, and Integrations.

Additionally, Admins will not show in the Manage People area within the room until they successfully login from the Gateway screen.

Better Insights for your Events 🔥

One of the most anticipated updates is finally here! Revamped insights that give you more data on your events than ever before.

Take a look…

Here's what's new from a high level

  • New registration graph to visualize registrations leading up to your sessions
  • Improved attendance summary graph that's more accurate and even tracks your attendees' focus in the browser tab
  • Reporting and export functionality on your shared resources (polls, handouts, and featured actions)
  • Additional data added to the People table (Attendance minutes and Focus %) You can find your new Insights, within the Activity tab of any event overview.

Note: Our new insights will work retroactively with any of your existing past sessions, but certain data (such as Resource data and Focus %) will only be shown on sessions run in the future following this update.

Mark and answer Questions from attendees

With our new Questions feature, you and your admins will be better equipped to tackle questions that are asked on your sessions. You'll have the option to:

  1. Mark a message as a question that's shared between Admins
  2. Filter the chat to view only questions
  3. Choose one of your questions to Answer Live, which will feature the question on your presentation


Note: Only Admins will have the ability to mark messages as Questions.

Microsoft Edge Support for Admins

With the new Microsoft Edge update to v79, Demio now supports all admins in Microsoft Edge. This includes Moderators, Presenters, and Hosts.

You can learn more about the new version of Microsoft Edge here:

Webcam resolution support for 16:9 widescreen ratio

Webcams are now completely supported with 16:9 ratio, so your single-webcam recordings will no longer be cropped. The video will fill up the full frame.

Screen sharing support in Safari

With this update, Presenters can now share their entire screen in Safari v13.0 or higher. Individual window sharing is still not supported at this time.