Demio updates
Demio updates

Add-to-Calendar improvements πŸ’―




We've made some changes to how you add events to your calendar:

⏰ Set an estimated session duration

Now you can set your actual session duration. This update provides more flexibility when scheduling events and allows your registrants to allocate the correct amount of time to attend your event.

These changes will be reflected on the attendee's calendars when they select the Add To My Calendar option on the Success/Thank you page or click the Add to Calendar link in the email notification.

Session duration.png

πŸ—“ Add all sessions (Series events)

When registering for a Series event with multiple individual sessions or recurring events and selecting the option Add to My calendar, it will add all the sessions in the series to the attendees and admin calendars instead of just the first one.

Calendar 2022-10-16 11-07-04.png

And much more:

  • Included the Join link to the Location field for admins and attendees

  • Included an option in the Customize tab/Event Admins session for the Host to add sessions to their calendar when clicking on the expandable menu

  • Pass the Unique Join Link when moderators/presenters add a session to their calendars from the email notification

  • Included additional details to the Notes/Description session to help attendees manage their registration or reach out to the event organizer for assistance

  • Renamed Outlook Web App to

Room Improvement Boost πŸ’₯




[5-6 Stage Size] Desktop_ Custom.png

We just launched the highly anticipated room updates! Included are the following…

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« New Room Sizes: Our team improved the webinar room to support up to 3000 attendees! You can upgrade your plan to 1500 or 3000 room sizes.

🀳 Profile Picture Upload: Now, you can upload your profile picture directly on Demio. Head over to your profile settings to personalize that now.

πŸ—‚ Materials and Resources: The drag-and-drop functionality easily allows admins to re-order resources and materials in the user dashboard exactly how they want to see them in the room.

πŸ’¬ Messages area: A whole new way to mention people on the chat. As attendees type a few letters, it would fill that possible list of people in the room that starts with that specific set of letters.

And finally, a completely upgraded room experience, several improvements under the hood, and much more!

New room sizes are only available on our Premium plan; you can learn more about this plan on our pricing page.

Demio + Salesforce (Integration) πŸ’š




Salesforce, meet Demio 🀝

We've just added the ability for you to connect Demio with your Salesforce account!

With our all-new, native Salesforce integration, you'll be able to make your webinar campaigns more effective and use this information to segment your contacts or leads in Salesforce via Campaigns πŸ”₯

Supported actions:

  • Create and Update Leads and Contacts

  • Add Leads or Contacts to Campaigns

  • Update Member Campaign Status

  • Record Activity History

Salesforce update.png

Salesforce integration is only available on our Premium Plan; you can learn more about this plan on our pricing page.

πŸ‘‰ Jump to our Help Article to learn how to connect with Salesforce.

3D Secure for Subscriptions πŸ’³




We implemented new Stripe functionality to properly bill customers that have 3D secure enabled on their credit cards. The 3D Secure aims to reduce fraud and provide added security to online payments.

We embedded a Stripe element to the Credit Card modal in the Billing Area. When you upgrade or add more hosts to your account, Stripe might require authentication to confirm that transaction, and that's 3D secure!

stripe 3ds.png

We also made changes to the website and sign-up page for new customers. We embedded a Stripe element to the checkout page on the website and included Country and Zip Code validation on the sign-up page.

πŸ‘‰ Jump to our help article for additional details.

New Messages Table! πŸ™Œ




We just launched three improvements on how users access and export chat messages when the event ends.

First, we've created a brand new Messages table that will provide an easy way for you to manage and export message stats within the Activity area.

With this update, you will be able to filter by All Messages (messages + questions) or Questions and search by name or email. All admin messages are now included in the Messages table and CSV report.

Longer messages would have a tooltip for you to view the entire message when hovered on and you can copy the message from the tooltip.

[Activity Messages] Messages (dropdown) (1).png

Next, we've added a Message Summary in the Insights table.

Demio now shows total Messages and Questions and an option to Export CSV in the Insights area. You can choose to export all messages or only questions.

[Activity Messages] Insights (3).png

Lastly, we fixed the issues with the CSV report and now you can export the chat logs in a sequential transcript πŸ™Œ This update also applies to the on-demand messages page.

You can now easily add emojis to the event title πŸŽ‰




Picking the perfect emoji has never been easier. Now you can incorporate an element of fun into your event title. With the Emoji Picker, you can find the best suiting emoji for your event in seconds.

Emojis add an extra dimension to how we express ourselves in our day-to-day interactions that can be otherwise difficult to do with text only 😜

[Emoji Picker] Create Event_ Picker.png

Get started with Salesforce Pardot πŸš€




Pardot meets Demio 🀝

With our all-new, native Salesforce Pardot integration, you'll be able to make your webinar campaigns more effective and use this information to segment your prospects in Pardot via Lists.

Supported actions

  • Create and Update Prospect

  • Add Prospect to List

  • Save registrants' unique join links to custom fields

  • Pass any custom form field data upon registration

  • Record Prospect Activity - Pardot allows information from other systems to appear on the Pardot external activities. Each time someone registers/attends/misses an event, this info will be available in the prospect's timeline.


Pardot integration is only available on our Premium plan; you can learn more about this plan on our pricing page.

πŸ‘‰ Jump to our Help Article to learn how to connect with Pardot.

Billing address update πŸ“«




We've made some changes to the Billing area that impacts new and existing customers based on their location:

  1. If you live in the United States: Demio now requires Country and Zip Code. State is automatically set based on Zip Code.

  2. In other countries, Demio only requires Country.

The other address fields remain optional.

​ Billing - Demio 2022-03-24 16-38-47.png

​ This update effectively starts today, and you will need to edit your Billing Address and complete your profile.

We improved how attendees join sessions! πŸ’»




We just launched two improvements to how attendees join sessions on Demio.

First, we've added a formal queue system to manage attendees once attendance exceeds the room sizeβ€”we'll add new attendees to a queue where access will be granted as spots open up.


Additionally, admins will be notified once the room reaches capacity, along with a clear indication of how many attendees are in the queue.


Next, we've adjusted the room flow to show the Join Room anytime someone accesses their join link. This change ensures that only those who join the room will be added to the queue and allow us to auto-redirect attendees to the room once a session begins (previously, they would need to click Join once the session started before gaining access to the room).


​This change will mean attendees that join the session before it goes live will be in the room right as the session starts, ensuring they don't miss those first crucial moments.

Connect Demio with your HubSpot Account πŸš€

Now, you can connect Demio with your HubSpot account πŸŽ‰

By connecting Demio and HubSpot, you can automatically send attendees' and registrants' data from Demio to HubSpot and use this information to segment your contacts in HubSpot.

Supported actions

  • Create and Update Contact

  • Add Contact to List

  • Record Timeline Event - a HubSpot activity record will be created any time a person registers for a session or attends/misses a session (recorded once the session ends).


HubSpot integration is only available on our Premium plan; you can learn more about this plan on our pricing page.

πŸ‘‰Jump to our Help Article to learn how to connect with HubSpot.