Dedicated group chat for event admins

We've added back a central place for you to communicate with your event admins during a session. Within the Chat tab inside of the room, you'll now see a new sub-tab labeled Admin.

By default, all Hosts, Presenters, and Moderators will have access to this tab, but attendees will not.

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 4.24.57 PM.png

Automated Event Streaming Improvements

Your audience will now have an easier time loading your automated presentations, even on slower internet connections. These tech improvements are happening behind the scenes, so you won't see anything new, and neither will your audience.

Introducing the Series event type

With a Series, you can keep people registered across a group of live, scheduled sessions.

This series functionality isn't new, but the added event type will make it easier to stay organized.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 2.06.19 PM.png

Any of your existing Live events with Series mode enabled have been automatically converted into Series events.

All other previously created Live events will be labeled as Standard events.

Auto-hide controls in the room to increase content visibility

When something visual is being shared, all buttons and widgets within the content area of the room will now hide automatically with mouse inactivity in order to make sure all content is visible.


Drive more engagement with these chat & resource improvements

We made some helpful improvements in the room that should drive more engagement on your events!

Watch this video below for a quick overview:

Here's what's new… ​

  • Visual improvements to the chat area
  • Performance & speed enhancements
  • A better way to create & manage resources
  • Reimagined featured actions that stay pinned to the bottom of the room
  • Better organization for Polls and Handouts
  • Improved Emoji Reactions
  • Ability to privately mention someone in a public chat
  • …And more!

Edit and manage your event admins with more control

Based on feedback, we made a variety of improvements to the Event Admins block within the customize section of your event overview area.


Here's a quick summary of what's new:

  • Manage & disable admin notifications
  • See the event Hosts for live events
  • Edit any admin to change their name, email, or role
  • Quickly copy an admin's join link or resend their invitation email
  • See the admin's email address in the list to make sure it's correct

Note: Admin notification emails will no longer be sent to all account users for Automated Events. Only invited moderators will receive reminder notifications.

A better way to manage People πŸ‘€

If you jump into any of your events, you might've noticed a brand new Activity tab. We want this to become the central hub from where you'll be able to view activity across that specific event.

We're starting with ​the People area β€” you can track & manage people right from within your event as they register, attend, and miss your sessions.


We put together a detailed blog post going over the new update, as well as outlining how this sets the foundation for things to come.

P.S. Keep an eye out for the next additions to the Activity area that we're planning to launch over the coming months!

A more intuitive event room for a more intuitive experience! πŸ–₯

We made some improvements to our Event Room that should make running webinars on Demio even easier, especially for any first-time presenters.

We wanted to make everything easier to access and understand!

Here's a quick list of things that have changed:

  • the Start/End Session button is located in the top-left for easy access
  • the microphone/webcam controls now sit at the center of your screen
  • an easy-access sharing options menu allows you to quickly start sharing any slide/video materials, or use the direct screen share options
  • a dedicated Manage People area allows you to quickly view/search/manage any Attendees and fellow Event Admins


P.S. We've also put together a quick 2-minute video to show you around if you'd like:

Complete Safari/Edge Support! πŸ™Œ

Back in January, we announced Safari/Edge support as a beta feature. There was just one major caveat: there would be a 15-second delay for any attendees in either of those browsers.

After a lot of work on our end and some important updates from Apple & Microsoft, we're proud to announce:

Attendees can now join your webinars in Safari & Edge (or any other major browser) without any delay, both from desktop and mobile. πŸŽ‰

Moderators and Presenters will also be able to join in Safari via laptop or desktop computer.

Lastly, your attendees can now join right within other applications' built-in browsers. With a single click from popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc, your registrants will be logged into the room, engaging & interacting within seconds.

What this means for you:

  1. We have removed the Beta toggle for additional browser support. All of your events will have this update automatically, and it's no longer an optional setting.
  2. We'll be discontinuing our mobile app on iOS. Since all attendees can join in the browser now on mobile, there's no need for anyone to download a mobile app. This will allow us to put more time and focus into other areas of our product.

Coming Soon

In the near future, we'll be releasing screen sharing support in Safari for Presenters. Right now, presenters will not have the ability to share their screen in Safari.

Easily grab an event's registration link

We made a minor improvement to upcoming sessions on your dashboard. From the drop down menu, you'll now have an option to 1-click copy the registration page URL for that event.


Note: This feature only exists for single sessions right now, but we'll be adding it to recurring session blocks in the near future.