Complete Safari/Edge Support! 🙌

Back in January, we announced Safari/Edge support as a beta feature. There was just one major caveat: there would be a 15-second delay for any attendees in either of those browsers.

After a lot of work on our end and some important updates from Apple & Microsoft, we're proud to announce:

Attendees can now join your webinars in Safari & Edge (or any other major browser) without any delay, both from desktop and mobile. 🎉

Moderators and Presenters will also be able to join in Safari via laptop or desktop computer.

Lastly, your attendees can now join right within other applications' built-in browsers. With a single click from popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc, your registrants will be logged into the room, engaging & interacting within seconds.

What this means for you:

  1. We have removed the Beta toggle for additional browser support. All of your events will have this update automatically, and it's no longer an optional setting.
  2. We'll be discontinuing our mobile app on iOS. Since all attendees can join in the browser now on mobile, there's no need for anyone to download a mobile app. This will allow us to put more time and focus into other areas of our product.

Coming Soon

In the near future, we'll be releasing screen sharing support in Safari for Presenters. Right now, presenters will not have the ability to share their screen in Safari.