Demio updates
Demio updates

Flexible Host Options! 👑 (New Plans)





We've implemented changes to our subscription plans that'll allow you to easily add additional Hosts to your account—giving you much more flexibility within a single company account.

This change follows a previous update we made—the ability to easily add multiple team members, with granular control over which members occupy Host spots.

These two additions will help teams manage and consolidate multiple accounts into one, allowing all members within their organization to run events from a single account (with even more improvements planned for the future).

New Plan Changes

Our new plans will factor in the number of Hosts (in addition to the room size), starting at a minimum of one, and which you can increase/decrease as needed.


Our Growth plans offer up to 5 Hosts, with Premium providing for users that need even more (the Starter plan will remain capped at 1 Host).

We've also retired our Business plans in favor of offering additional room size options (500- and 1000-Attendee Room Sizes) at the Growth-level.

Note for Legacy Users

We'll be working closely to migrate all existing users to the new plans. This migration process will ensure that all users are moved to current plans, allowing them to receive future feature updates correctly and have access to add additional Hosts to their plan.

The vast majority of existing users will experience no disruption to their current subscription, as we'll be moving them to completely equivalent plans. For those that are affected, we'll be personally reaching out.

Learn more about the new changes as a whole or access answers to common questions for legacy users.