Improving the Presenter Experience 💯

We've just revamped our Event Gateway/Settings modal—this is the modal that any presenters will see when they first join an event or when adjusting their room settings.


Here's a quick breakdown of the major changes:

1. The connectivity test has been improved to more accurately determine your connection to Demio's streaming servers. It should give any presenters an improved reading on their ability to stream.

We've also expanded the test to include additional details related to your audio/video streaming capabilities.

2. The new gateway will allow presenters to select and enable their preferred devices prior to joining the room.

Any devices that are toggled ON will be enabled when they enter the room to streamline the experience.

3. The new gateway will automatically detect when a presenter doesn't have the correct browser permissions enabled.

In these situations, we'll prompt the presenter to enable the required permissions to allow for a smooth presentation experience.

The new gateway modal will automatically be shown to any presenters upon joining an event with the new settings modal being shown to all users (presenters, moderators, and attendees).