Demio updates
Demio updates

Introducing: Admin Roles 👤




Demio has added Admins, a new account role that provides the user access to all of the permissions of an Account Owner excluding the ability to make changes to your billing area. This new role does not affect the existing roles, including Account Owner and Member permissions, which will remain unchanged.


  • Demio now features three different roles: Account Owner, Admin, and Team Member.
    • Account Owner: can access all pages and settings
    • Admin: has writable access to all pages excluding billing (can only download invoices)
    • Team Member: can access events and their profile only


  • The Team Role will now be presented as a drop-down menu, with the Account Owner having the ability to perform any action and assign any role to other team members, including the "owner" role
  • Host capabilities can be assigned by either the Owner or Admin.
  • You can assign as many Admins and Owners as you need, without any specific limit for these roles.

👉 Visit our Help Article to learn how to add and manage team members.