More Powerful Registration Forms 💯

The wait is over—our form fields update is here! 🙌 You'll now be able to create more powerful forms that allow you to capture better data from your registrants.

Whether it's setting up a dropdown field to have registrants choose from answers you've created, creating a custom permissions checkbox, or offering a text area to capture more extensive text—our new form fields update makes it all possible!

We allow you to customize your forms using the following field types:

  • text field (with the option to validate for a URL/number)
  • text area
  • dropdown (up to 100 options)
  • checkbox

In addition to creating custom fields, you'll be able to add any of the following predefined fields to your form with just one click:

  • Last Name
  • Phone Number (validates and auto-formats entries)
  • Website (validates for a URL)
  • Company
  • GDPR (optional checkbox with customizable text)

Finally, we've made the experience of managing your form fields more intuitive, with options to edit existing fields as well as reorder your form.

Ready to check out the new changes? Jump into the Registration block within the Customize tab for any of your events to get started.


Important: The ability to create custom form fields will be available for all Growth/Business users. Any Starter users will be able to retain any custom text fields that they've previously added, as well as add predefined fields.

Note: If you have GDPR compliance enabled on your account, we've added the GDPR checkbox to all existing events. You can delete this field from any event from the form fields area. For newly created events, the GDPR checkbox will be added automatically by default.