Our Registration & Replay pages just got a makeover!

We've always strived to make the entire experience of attending webinars an elegant one, and for so many, that experience starts from the moment they arrive on the registration page.

Our old pages worked well for what they were meant to do (capture registrations, host replay recordings), but they were lacking when it came to the elegance factor.

We wanted to change that!

So with that goal in mind, our team went to work to give it a makeover. We're pleased to introduce our new Registration & Replay Editor!


This new update will rehaul the entire experience, bringing you:

  • Powerful live editor that adapts as changes are made
  • Flexible templates to choose from
  • Modular library of elements to build the page to your choosing
  • Complete social sharing customization options
  • A consistent experience across the Registration/Replay pages
  • The ability to disable the Replay
  • And more!

To read more changes, dive into our full update!

BONUS: We've also updated our embed codes for our international languages, so any non-English users will be able to use our new embed options too!