Out with the old, in with the new! 📩 (Bonus: Replay Emails)

Email Notifications

When our team took a look at our old email notifications, we realized that we strived to be extremely detailed and cover a lot of ground, but swung too far in that direction resulting in an email that was often confusing (especially when it came to our translations) and bloated.

Our new emails change that! We're handing the reigns back over to you, our user.

We've redesigned our new emails to be a great balance between simple and functional. We'll include the core details (event name, date, join link), then loop in your branding, adding in any custom messages you've set, and send it!


(They're designed to work great with any and all brands!)

Replay Emails

Alongside our new email notification designs, our team is finally bringing back our automatic Replay Emails.

You'll be able to enable these to be sent to a specified segment (All Registrants, Attendees, No Shows) following any live sessions.

Jump into the Email Notifications block to get started with both!