Demio updates
Demio updates

Room Improvement Boost 💥




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We just launched the highly anticipated room updates! Included are the following…

🧑‍🏫 New Room Sizes: Our team improved the webinar room to support up to 3000 attendees! You can upgrade your plan to 1500 or 3000 room sizes.

🤳 Profile Picture Upload: Now, you can upload your profile picture directly on Demio. Head over to your profile settings to personalize that now.

🗂 Materials and Resources: The drag-and-drop functionality easily allows admins to re-order resources and materials in the user dashboard exactly how they want to see them in the room.

💬 Messages area: A whole new way to mention people on the chat. As attendees type a few letters, it would fill that possible list of people in the room that starts with that specific set of letters.

And finally, a completely upgraded room experience, several improvements under the hood, and much more!

New room sizes are only available on our Premium plan; you can learn more about this plan on our pricing page.