See who's online with the new room status

With this update, any Event Admins will be able to view the status of any Attendees or Admins directly from within the event room.

This will allow you to better understand which contacts have actually entered the room after accessing their Join Link (only those that enter the room and appear as Online will be marked as Attended), as well as which Attendees are still online in the room.

AttendeeStatus-001.png copy.png

Here are the different statuses and what each of them means:

  • Online: the individual joined the event and is present in the room
  • Offline: the individual joined the event, but is no longer in the room
  • Waiting: the event hasn't started yet and the individual is in the waiting room
  • Joining: the individual is currently on the login page (shown before they enter the room)

Note: The status will only be visible to Event Admins.