Select a Host & Easily Add Team Members as Event Admins

With this new update, each event will have a default Host, which you can set while creating an event. Additionally, only account users added as event admins will be able to join the room for an event.

Within the Event Admins block, we've made it easier than ever before to add team members (including yourself) as an admin with a couple clicks. You'll be able to define the role (Moderator, Presenter, or Host) for each team member you add.

Our goal is to help teams manage events on Demio more efficiently by only including users that are associated with specific events. Additionally, only the team members assigned as event admins will receive notifications.


⚠️ Important:

  1. In order to join the room for any event, including Automated events, you'll need to add yourself as an event admin. If you don't, the join room button will be disabled.

  2. ​All account users will now have Host ability; we've removed the option to disable Host permissions for certain account users within settings, but we will be improving this area in the future.