Demio updates
Demio updates

Track the source of your registrations in Demio! 💯





We've just added the ability for users to track the source of their registrations in Demio! This feature will allow you to monitor the performance of your registration campaigns and provide precise data about conversion and traffic sources. 🔥

Any time someone registers for one of your events, we'll automatically capture and store their registration source if it's available. We'll grab any UTM parameters accompanying the URL and a Referral URL if a specific website shares the registration link.

All source tracking data will be available within the People table found on your event's Activity tab.

[Registration Source Tracking] Activity_ People Card.png

As source tracking comes enabled across all registration pages and any values are captured automatically (as long as they're passed/detected), you can begin using standard UTM parameters in your URLs, and it'll start tracking your registrations.

Additionally, source tracking is supported across our embed form options as well.

This feature is available for Growth and Premium plans. We will still capture data for Starter plans but won't include it in the CSV report or the People table. Upgrading will retroactively unlock previously captured data.

👉Jump to our Help Article to learn how to track registrations.