Demio updates
Demio updates

Translucent Stage Cards, New Avatars, and More!

We've pushed a few small improvements: Translucent Stage Cards, New Avatars, and an Updated Session Status


Translucent Stage Cards

Based on some recent feedback, we've updated the stage cards within the room to use a translucent background when users aren't sharing their cameras. This change should provide a more branded appearance to the cards, allowing the background color to shine.

New Avatars

We've added new placeholder avatars for people who don't have a Gravatar associated with their email address. The new style opts for a more neutral look to ensure that it works well with any/all brand colors used for your events.

Note: You'll find the new placeholder avatar styles in the room, directly in the account (for event admins and team members), as well as on public registration/replay pages for featured presenters.

Updated Session Status

Finally, to add more clarity around sessions, we've improved the language around a session's status—precisely when the session has not started.


Any admins that join the room will find a "Not Started" status message in the Event Details button and within the helper text used across the room.