Updates to the Event Preferences

Our team just released a small rework to of the event preferences that should improve your ability to customize your event!

1. We've consolidated a few different settings into a central Room block.

In this new block, you'll find your core settings (chat preference, post-session redirect, additional browser support) and options to manage Presentation Materials and Resources.

Think of it as a central area to manage everything related to what goes on in the event room! new-block-preferences-01-list-new.png

2. The Chat Preference now defaults to Public for new events (any existing events will keep their current settings intact).

We believe that a vibrant and engaging chat makes for a better Attendee experience, so we didn't want any of our users to miss out.

Of course, you'll still have the option to switch these preferences before the event (or even during the event directly in the webinar room). new-block-preferences-02-chat-new.png Keep an eye out for some awesome updates coming later this year around our chat!

More minor changes:

3. We've re-ordered the blocks in a small way that makes more sense.

4. The Admin Team block has been renamed to Presenters & Moderators to better describe the different event admin roles you'll be able to bring on (and to avoid any confusion with account-wide Sub-Users).