Demio updates
Demio updates

We improved how attendees join sessions! 💻




We just launched two improvements to how attendees join sessions on Demio.

First, we've added a formal queue system to manage attendees once attendance exceeds the room size—we'll add new attendees to a queue where access will be granted as spots open up.


Additionally, admins will be notified once the room reaches capacity, along with a clear indication of how many attendees are in the queue.


Next, we've adjusted the room flow to show the Join Room anytime someone accesses their join link. This change ensures that only those who join the room will be added to the queue and allow us to auto-redirect attendees to the room once a session begins (previously, they would need to click Join once the session started before gaining access to the room).


​This change will mean attendees that join the session before it goes live will be in the room right as the session starts, ensuring they don't miss those first crucial moments.